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While this blog isn’t about purely ‘classic’ films, there will be many classics mentioned. The problem with DVD rental outlets and online streaming sites, such as Netflix, is that you simply can’t find real classic movies. The only legitimate place that I’ve found, as opposed to downloading movies using torrents, is Criterion. I hesitate to recommend Criterion but they do seem to be the only player in the classic movie area.


Why do I hesitate to mention them? For two reasons. One of my first jobs in the movie biz was for a company by the same name. My experience there was certainly less than pleasant. The second reason is that Criterion was started by person that I used to work for here in Toronto. He was only part owner of the company that hired me, fresh out of university, but he was, in short, an animal. That’s his nickname, actually. Regardless of that, here’s a link to their website:


In Toronto, HMV carries their DVDs. I assume that Amazon carries them also. You can download some of their films, too. Give it a shot. Take a look at their catalog. If you have knowledge of other sources of classic cinema, let me know.

Black and White Photo of Film Shoot
Criterion Pictures

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