What is Bitchin’ Flicks…Exactly

Good question. BitchinFlicks is a list of the best flicks, movies, DVDs etc. that I’ve seen.

Who am I? I graduated from film school in 1976 here in Canada. Toronto, to be exact.

Before I graduated and in the years since, I’ve seen thousands of films.

Because there are so many bad films out there,

I decided to make a list of the best ones that I’ve seen over the years.


Join me, will you? Bookmark my site and stop by now and then. I’m going to try to write a review a day, time permitting.

I’m a freelance writer in my real life.

This is one of a few sites that I maintain for sun.

Thanks for stopping by.


P.S. Trivia time. Did you know that when you’re sitting in a theater watching a movie that you are actually watching

a blank screen for a good portion of the time?

Check out this link. It explains why : How Movies Work  (It’s safe, believe me.)

Copy and paste this link, if you want: http://www.chevroncars.com/learn/wondrous-world/how-movies-work


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